Brian Kelley solo cover

Less than a week after Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley announced he will release his upcoming solo music via a partnership with Warner Music Nashville and his Nashville South Records, Inc., the singer reveals his debut solo EP “BK’s Wave Pack” drops Tuesday, April 13.

“My ‘Wave Pack EP’ is a snapshot into my world and the life I’m living – whether it’s a little party on the beach or a little Sunday service in the sand,” Kelley said in a release. “And you don’t always have to be on the sand or by the water, you can take the vibe with you wherever you go. ‘Beach Cowboy’ is a way of life and state of mind.”

Kelley co-wrote each of the four songs on the project and co-produced the EP with Corey Crowder. Jake Rose also co-produced “Beach Cowboy.”

A track list for “BK’s Wave Pack” follows:

  1. “Beach Cowboy” (Brian Kelley, Blake Redferrin, Jake Rose)
  2. “Made by the Water” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Randy Montana)
  3. “Party on the Beach” (Brian Kelley, Corey Crowder, Blake Redferrin, Canaan Smith)
  4. “Sunday Service in the Sand” (Brian Kelley, Blake Redferrin, Canaan Smith, Jake Rose)