Clay Walker-Texas To Tennessee

Clay Walker will release “Texas to Tennessee,” his debut album on Toby Keith’s Show Dog Records, on July 30. Michael Knox and Jaron Boyer produced the album, which was recorded in Nashville and Galveston, TX, and includes Walker’s single “Need a Bar Sometimes.”

Walker co-wrote all 10 songs on the albums, working with writers including Boyer, David Lee Murphy, Shane Minor, Jennifer Hanson and Mark Nesler. “Every writer on this album is accomplished, most came in with ideas they thought fit me or developed ideas I brought and it led to real cohesiveness in all these songs,” Walker said in a release.

The “Texas to Tennessee” track list follows:

  1. “Anything to Do With You" (Clay Walker, Brandon Kinney, Shane Minor, Mike Mobley)
  2. “Need a Bar Sometimes" (Clay Walker, Jaron Boyer, Josh Mirenda, George Birge)
  3. “Catching Up With an Ol' Memory" (Clay Walker, Jaron Boyer, George Birge, Lalo Guzman)
  4. “Country Side" (Clay Walker, Jaron Boyer, Lynn Wilbanks)
  5. “Cowboy Loves a Woman" (Clay Walker, Jennifer Hanson, Mark Nesler)
  6. “Texas to Tennessee" (Clay Walker, Jennifer Hanson, Mark Nesler)
  7. “I Just Wanna Hold You" (Clay Walker, Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis)
  8. “Loving You Then" (Clay Walker, Jaron Boyer, Brad Rempel, Ben Stennis)
  9. “You Look Good" (Clay Walker, Jaron Boyer, Michael Tyler)
  10. “One More" (Clay Walker, David Lee Murphy, Justin Weaver)