Country Class and Southern Sass

Virginia radio veteran Sherry Massaro and her daughter, Megan Bagley, host the “Country Class & Southern Sass” morning show on Gee Communications classic country “Pure Country 97.1 FM 800 AM” WSVS Crewe, VA. The show, which returned last week, debuted in 2020 but went on hiatus due to COVID-19 related station downsizing. “Country Class & Southern Sass” airs weekdays from 6-8am.

Massaro joined WSVS April 1, 2019, as GM, reuniting with Gee Communications, for which she previously worked at former country station WXGI Richmond. Massaro describes WSVS’s format as playing the 1980s to the 2000s “with a splash of the older and a splash of the Top 40.”

Bagley, who works in the medical field as office personnel for a private physician, joined her mother at WSVS mid-2019, assisting with administration including traffic reports and programming commercials. In 2020 they teamed up for several months on-air and returned as co-hosts June 1.

“We’re really trying to bring some family-oriented stuff to country radio,” Massaro tells Country Insider. “Megan and I are teaming up to push the whole mother-daughter thing forward and to get our ‘Country Class & Southern Sass’ brand out there.

“We found that in our area, people were longing to have fun because life has been crazy. … Our goal has always been to make it family.

“We want to go in a direction where we’re helping people and trying to take people’s minds off the crazy world.”

Massaro says she and her daughter share country music history with their audience while also introducing newer country talent. Massaro brings in some of the genre’s history while Bagley assists on social media and continues the conversation on TikTok and Twitter with their “Country Nuggets” segment.

“We’re trying to bridge the old and the new because without these older artists we wouldn’t have the newer ones,” Massaro says. “We don’t want to forget our history, but we also want to welcome the newcomers.”

The duo’s weekly podcast, “The After Party,” posts each Friday on the station website.

“We’re pretty excited about where we’re going,” Massaro says. “We are this crazy mother-daughter team. Not all mothers and daughters have a great relationship, and we try to show that that’s possible. It’s great being able to work with your kid every day and entertain other people.”