Kip Moore BTS Don’t Go Changing

Kip Moore’s new video for “Don’t Go Changing,” one of four new tracks on his upcoming “Wild World Deluxe” album, is raising awareness and money for Nashville’s music venues. The clip serves as a call to action for fans to donate to Music Venue Alliance Nashville to aid in keeping venues afloat after being forced to close their doors in March due to COVID-19.

“Don’t Go Changing” was shot at independent Nashville venues like the 5 Spot, The End, The Basement, Mercy Lounge and Exit/In. The video includes Moore interviewing Exit/In owner Chris Cobb, who had to lay off 50 staffers, some who are now being evicted from their homes.

“Their problem is my problem,” Cobb says. “Where are they going to go?”

In an interview with Country Insider and other Nashville media, Moore says he hasn’t lost sight of those who are suffering: “There are people that are in a very desperate place. They've got families that are relying on them. They can't put food on the table. They're closing the businesses that they've worked their whole life for and that breaks my heart. So that's why I got behind this whole thing.

“If we can't make society get back to that stage, then we have to take care of our own. You can't just walk around in a fog and expect everything to be normal if you're not doing your part to take care of these people,” he adds. “Those venues that you think you're just going to walk back into at some point -- they're not going to be there. It breaks my heart when I think about it.”

Fans can donate via Music Venue Alliance Nashville’s website. “Don’t Go Changing” will be featured on Moore’s “Wild World Deluxe” album, available Feb. 12, 2021.

“Wild World Deluxe” Additional Tracks:

  1. “Don't Go Changing”
  2. “Midnight Slow Dance”
  3. “How High”
  4. “Man's Gotta Do”