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Columbia Nashville VP of Promotion Shane Allen loves seeing Luke Combs’ “Cold as You” nab title of most-added record this week, but for him the airplay’s every bit as important. “Cold as You” got 64 Mediabase adds this week, for 92 total historic adds, with the record sitting at No. 42 on the country chart this week and looking to enter the 30s next week.

“Any time we have a Luke single, our programming friends seem to be ready for that next song, even though the tail on the end of the previous songs are always fairly long,” Allen tells Country Insider.

“Cold as You” is off to a start similar to “Forever After All,” which was most added in early March but picked up 30 stations early. “Cold as You” had 28 going into its impact date and now has official adds from stations in all but one of the Top 10 markets with country stations.

“Forever After All” went from most added to No. 1 in 13 weeks then stayed at the top of the chart for three weeks, giving the singer his 11th consecutive No. 1 single.

Combs’ records move so quickly up the chart, “we keep in mind that just because our peak is over, it doesn’t mean that radio is done with the song,” Allen says. “So each time we’ve had a Luke single peak, we’ve made sure to give it at least four weeks before we go for airplay on the next song. We make sure we give as much space as possible. I think that’s unique to Luke.”

If “Cold as You” reaches No. 1 — something it would do in mid-October if past performance is indicative of future results — Combs’ “What You See Ain’t Always What You Get” deluxe album would be the only country album to yield seven No. 1 singles.

“Knowing that this is single seven off of this project and that there’s that much hunger to start playing it rolling into the impact date is a testament to Luke’s power,” Allen says.

Of course, there’s one other record featuring Combs standing between “Cold as You” and the top of the chart: Jameson Rodgers’ “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” which sits at No. 14 this week.

Based on the current pace of the records, Allen sees Rodgers’ record peaking in September with “Cold as You” following in October. “There will probably be about a month separation between the two as things look right now,” he says.

“The good thing about Jameson is that he came out of the gate with a big No. 1, ‘Some Girls,’ and was able to establish himself. It’s awesome that he’s got Luke, his buddy, on this one, but it’s nice that there’s a distinction that Jameson is his own person and not just [succeeding] because he has Luke on the record.”