Where I Find God 300

Listener reaction made Larry Fleet’s “Where I Find God” an easy add Monday for Brent Michaels, PD at Buck Owens Production Company “KUZZ Radio” in Bakersfield, CA. Michaels had learned of the song this summer via a social media post from fellow PD Nikki Thomas of Bristol Broadcasting “96.9 WXBQ” Johnson City, TN, which began playing the Big Loud artist’s debut single in April. “I immediately thought it was a fit for our station and our audience,” Michaels says.

Fleet’s record tied for most adds this week with Priscilla Block’s “Just About Over You.”

The same week Michaels saw Thomas’ post, KUZZ’s morning show was introducing a new single each day and asking listeners to text their feedback. “Of the five songs we premiered that week, this song got not only the most positive feedback but the most feedback,” Michaels says. “We were getting 10-12 texts on most songs. Larry got 50.

“That number stuck out more than anything, even more than the positive nature of the feedback. The record caught our listeners’ attention enough to stop what they were doing and engage with our radio station.”

KUZZ continued to play “Where I Find God” occasionally in different day parts and is now featuring Fleet in its On The Rise campaign, which spotlights a handful of new acts each year. The multi-week, multi-platform campaign includes six weeks in medium rotation with special imaging along with involving the artist in the station’s social media presence. In normal times, the campaign also includes an in-person performance; during the coronavirus pandemic, though, the station has staged Zoom performances to which listeners can win access. Previous KUZZ On The Rise acts have included Niko Moon, Park McCollum, Ingrid Andress and Lainey Wilson.

Like his listeners, Michaels has yet to meet Fleet in person, though they have connected through Zoom. “He’s a down-to-earth guy, very funny,” Michaels says. “I really think he’s got the talent to break through in our format.”