The Biztape,” a podcast covering the music business and media, debuts today with hosts Colin McKay and Joe Wasilewski. Premiere Networks and Bobby Bones, VP/Creative Director of iHeartCountry and host of “The Bobby Bones Show,” have added “The Biztape” to the Nashville Podcast Network. New episodes will be available each Wednesday on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard.

“I’ve been a fan of Joe and Colin’s work for a long time, and it’s been exciting to watch them grow their platform,” Bones said in a release. “They have an interesting perspective from a different side of the business that people don’t usually get to hear from, and I’m pumped to welcome them to our Network.”

“The Biztape,” formerly known as “That’s Showbiz Baby,” has McKay and Wasilewski sharing their perspectives on the industry. McKay, with a background in double bass classical performance, has played Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center. He works as a live entertainment and recording industry professional. Wasilewski, who previously was music director for Middle Tennessee State University WMTS Murfreesboro (88.3), is a content specialist who works with all genres to help music clients create visual brands.

“We searched for a long time to find a podcast that discussed the music business from the business side,” McKay and Wasilewski said in a release. “We wanted more advice and more depth than just ‘work hard.’ We decided to fill the void by creating ‘The Biztape’ so we could get as nerdy as we always wanted to with it. Thankfully, with the help of Bobby Bones and the Nashville Podcast Network, we have the opportunity to continue that dream and we can’t wait to start creating with such a passionate and unique brand.”